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Japanese Tango Chirimen Silk Complete Bolt


Traditional Japanese kimono are made with bolts of fabric called Tanmono, meaning simply ‘fabric roll’. Each tanmono is between 12-15 metres long, but only 37cm wide as kimono are made up of panels in that width. This is a complete bolt 13m long 37cm width from Tango in Kyoto.

The woven pattern is Kyo Kikkyo flower (Platycodon grandiflorus in Kyoto).

Tango (Kyotango) is one of the largest manufacturing area of kimono white silk fabric, having a history of over 1300 years for making silk fabric and 300 years for Chirimen silk crepe fabric.

Chirimen (縮緬) refers to a silk textile/fabric weaving untwisted raw silk thread for warp and hard-twist raw silk for weft, and refining/degumming it after the weaving. So it gives the fabric surface unique bumpy, crepe textured while having the extremely soft drape.


An authentic Japanese Chirimen silk bolt
13m long  x 37cm width


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