Storage Chests

Storage Chests

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Japanese book storage cabinet. Hinoki (cypress) and sugi (cedar) woods. Etched glass doors with a maple leaf design. C.1930's.
#DC 172

W 137cm
D 39cm
H 124cm
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Japanese document chest of drawers. Sugi (cedar) wood. Edo period. C.1850.
#DC 217

W 75cm
D 43cm
H 70cm
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Japanese low cabinet made from kiri (paulownia) wood. C.1930.
#DC 147

W 115cm
D 40cm
H 55cm
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Geta Bako. Japanese shoe storage cabinet. Sugi (cedar) wood with woven cedar doors. Early 1900's.
#JP 02

W 76cm
D 36cm
H 91cm
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Japanese storage cabinet from Nagoya. Sugi (cedar) and Hinoki (cypress) wood. Meiji period C.1900.
#DC 387

W 121cm
D 45cm
H 169cm
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Todana. Japanese wardrobe. Sugi (cedar) wood. Meiji period. C.1910.
#DC 225

W 94cm
D 41cm
H 162cm
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Japanese tea box. Hinoki (cypress) wood. Early 1900's.
#DC 77

W 72cm
D 49cm
H 61cm