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About Us

Tombo owners Brad and Ashlee met during the 1980’s and quickly discovered their shared love for the history and culture of Japanese and Chinese antiques, they then combined their shared skills to establish Tombo in 2006.

With Brad restoring Japanese and Chinese antiques for over 35 years, and Ashlee having worked solely with vintage Japanese fabrics since 1993, our collection is inspired by years of experience.

We are hands-on in every aspect, spending close to 2 months a year in Japan, hand picking furniture, fabric, and curios from city to country-side. Most of our items come from auctions and household estates. We ship containers from our warehouse in the mountains just outside of Kyoto, directly to our Melbourne showroom.

Our store is in Fitzroy North, where we have a showroom for our collection of products, and a warehouse where we undertake restoration of every item we import.

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